The Bed and Breakfast (B&B) market has been growing in the USA in recent years.

A 2019 Bed and Breakfast Inns Market Research Report detailed the USA B&B industry averaged 3.8% growth over the 3 year period, reaching $1.4 billion in revenue.

According to IBISWorld the market size of the B&B and Hostel Accommodations industry is forecast to increase 11.5% this year, and a comprehensive study of B&Bs commissioned by the Association of Independent Hospitality Professionals (AIHP), in partnership with (now Vrbo ) and phocuswright found that the USA B&B industry is, on track to grow an average 4% over the next four years, adding $700 million in value. The online B&B market is projected to grow at an even faster pace with an average annual growth rate of 6%.

Why are B&Bs becoming so Popular?

The rising popularity of B&Bs in the USA can be attributed to several factors.

  1. Personalised Experience: B&Bs offer a unique, personalised experience that is often not available at larger hotels. Guests can enjoy a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere, and often have the opportunity to interact with the owners and other guests. The AIHP study reminds B&B owners that guest expectations go above complimentary standard toiletries and a turn down service, and suggest creating a personal, bespoke experience for your guests.
    Breakfast in bed
  2. Unique Accommodations: Many B&Bs are located in historic or charming buildings that offer a sense of character and atmosphere that is often not found in modern hotels. AIHP detailed in their study that guests do not want a cookie cutter experience, and any historic, or unique features of your accommodation should be emphasised.
  3. Homemade breakfast: One of the defining features of a B&B is a homemade breakfast, often prepared by the owner, which provides guests with a delicious and hearty start to the day.
  4. Location: Many B&Bs are located in desirable, picturesque, tourist destinations, making them a popular choice for travelers looking to escape busy cities and experience local communities. The AIHP study suggests B&B owners contact local businesses to provide specific, bespoke packages to make the experience, and the specific B&B unforgettable.
  5. Cost: B&Bs can be a more affordable option compared to larger hotels, especially in expensive cities. The Huffington Post  report, In New York City, the average hotel charges $217 for a night, while a B&B comes in at around $169. That’s almost $50 less a night!
  6. Suitable for all ages: A quick glance around the breakfast room can eliminate the misconception that younger travellers do not stay at B&Bs. The AIHP study found that millennials are very flexible when it comes to deciding on accommodation, usually with considerations of location and cost as main factors, which, as our previous two points show, are plus points for B&Bs.A morning meal at luxury Western bed and breakfast
  7. Improved amenities: It is often the case that B&Bs will offer complimentary parking and have faster wi-fi!
  8. Your own personal tour guide: B&B owners are almost always a mine of knowledge regarding the local area, and will happily point you in the direction of local landmarks and stand out restaurants; a big improvement from outdated, impersonal tourist pamphlets

Overall, the popularity of B&Bs can be attributed to their unique and personalised experience, charming locations, and focus on food and hospitality.

Little wonder then that this area of the hospitality sector is seeing a significant rise in the USA.

The growth of online booking platforms has also made it easier for consumers to find and book B&B accommodations, further fuelling the industry’s growth.

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