There are a number of property management organisational methods which have been used over time. Historically, first came the paper-based method. Handwritten ledgers, coloured pens and post-it notes were used to organise reservations, manage room types and so forth. Next came the spreadsheet, to help keep track of room availability and other administrative tasks, often with alternative spreadsheets to manage cleaning schedules, and so on. Frequently, both paper-based and spreadsheet systems are still used today, leaving overlapping processes where the paper system was not fully taken over by its digital successor. Handling routine tasks using these systems is laborious, time-consuming, lacks timely accuracy, and is often overwhelming. Cue the web-based, online, complete property management and reservation solution – Guestroom Genie Property Management System.

At Guestroom Genie, we provide a solution to separate out-of-date systems, and grant you a suite of tools to manage your property in a way which will save you time and money. Here’s how it works…

A simplified system is a time saving system

  • Guestroom Genie streamlines, and simplifies your workflow, reducing administration with a single interface, meaning you can carry out your daily property operations and manage guest flow in one place
  • Room occupancy limits, room type classification, and accompanying amenities can be monitored from a central system
  • Room rates, availability, and reservations can be observed at a glance from your Dashboard, using an interactive calendar
  • Guest contact details are securely stored and quickly recovered
  • Reservation additions can be promptly documented, e.g. parking rates
  • Cleaning tasks can be assigned with one easy click

A convenient system is a time saving system

  • Guestroom Genie is web-based, running directly from a browser, therefore no installation is required. This means you can access and manage your data using any devise, anywhere, anytime! No need to dash back to your on-premises workstation to check on room availability or cleaning schedules, ensuring a more time efficient system
  • The “Blocked Rooms” option can be used to quickly withdraw room availability during times of reduced staffing, refurbishment, or maintenance
  • Photos of your property and Room Types can be uploaded to one central photo library, which are automatically enhanced and adjusted to suit online display for your convenience
  • Guestroom Genie is a multi-user platform, affording appropriate, bespoke permission levels to each member of your team. This ensures only information necessary to perform specific duties will be accessed
  • Room rates can be easily configured and amended as often as required, according to Room Type, demand, Reservation-specific pricing and so forth
  • Automatic Rate Alterations can be applied to compliment seasonal rates, days of the week, or stay duration, negating the need for manual alterations
  • Reservation Summaries and Invoices including your branding can be automatically generated
  • Messages to guests can be tracked, with standard emails easily dispatched from our handy template library, including, Guest Contact Templates, COVID-Secure Document Templates (e.g. guest guidelines, staff guidelines, and cleaning checklist), and COVID-Secure poster downloads
  • Automatically created cleaning schedules can be accessed, reducing time spent on manual administrative tasks
  • Cleaning tasks can be set by room or by deadline for maximised efficiency

An accurate system is a time saving system

  • Guestroom Genie includes a “Today’s Activity” tool, which gives an overview of your bookings, availability, check-ins and check-outs in real-time, ensuring you can keep track of your business by accessing up-to-date, accurate data whenever you need it, from wherever you are
  • Accurate monthly and yearly analytical information can be accessed, such as Average Daily Rate, Revenue per Available Room and Occupancy Rate averages without manually doing the sums
  • Precise weekly, monthly, and yearly revenue and occupancy graphical data can be easily read
  • Real-time reservation entry ensures avoiding unprofessional, conflicting bookings, and consequent embarrassing, time-consuming guest contact, negotiation, and resolution
  • Accurate data contained within a full audit trail can be used to promptly monitor which users performed which actions
  • Cleaning tasks can be updated in real time on a task list, in line with guest reservations and check outs for a speedy clean
  • Issues found during room cleaning can be logged in real time, with an option to mark the room as not ready for check-in. Case notes regarding the issue can be easily logged and tracked in a timely manner until the issue is resolved

A future increase in UK hotelier time consuming admin tasks?

Data from the largest global passenger survey since the beginning of the global pandemic reveals 75% of people living in the UK are not planning to revert back to their travel plans after the pandemic has ended. 31% reported that they are planning to travel less by air in future. This indicates a potential rise in staycations, and a likely increase in labour-intensive, protracted admin tasks. There may never have been a better time to say goodbye to outdated systems, and hello to Guestroom Genie! If you are tired of trying to locate that pile of missing pink post-it notes, and want to make better use of your precious time, try Guestroom Genie for FREE today and let us grant your time saving wishes.

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