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We understand that there are many differences involved in the management of serviced apartments compared to that of hotels. These differing needs must be taken into account when planning and organising the management of your serviced apartment. Here are some useful points and tips to bear in mind when considering the management of your serviced apartment:

Firstly, the rooms in serviced apartments are substantially bigger than hotel rooms, often offering around 30% more space than hotel rooms. A serviced apartment will often include separate areas for eating, sleeping and working such as a kitchen, office, living room, bedroom, and bathroom. Consequently, this means that there is more space to be cleaned by your cleaning staff which will take more time and effort, therefore you may need more cleaning staff per room in order to increase productivity and efficiency and to save you time. Yet to save you money, a clear, accessible and well-thought-through cleaning rota is integral, in order to reduce misunderstandings with your staff – that can impact the efficiency of your business – as well as ensure you aren’t paying too much money by having cleaning staff come in constantly and unnecessarily. Guestroom Genie, the progressive web app can produce a coherent and structured cleaning rota that is accessible to both the management team as well as cleaning staff with individual logins.

Moreover, the time needed to clean a serviced apartment will be greater than that for a hotel room, since most serviced apartments come with either a fully equipped kitchen or kitchenette, and considerable time will be required to clean appliances. Consequently, the cleaning of appliances such as ovens, hobs, microwave, fridges as well as worktops and floors must be factored in. Therefore, to ensure the cleaning of your serviced apartment is as efficient as possible, in-depth planning is required and the cleaning rota will need to be strategic and meticulously contemplated. Guestroom Genie is the perfect app for creating such an elaborate, detailed cleaning rota, enabling you to relax in the knowledge that you are saving your business precious time and money. Furthermore, we suggest – in order to boost the workflow of your cleaning staff and the efficiency of your business – that you produce a set agenda prior to the arrival of cleaning staff outlining what is a priority and the order things should be cleaned, along with how much time each task should take, to make communication clean between management and cleaning staff.

As well as this, guests will usually stay longer in a serviced apartment than in a hotel, typically 7 days plus as an average stay, yet sometimes guests will stay for multiple weeks, months or even up to a year. Therefore, unlike in a hotel, your cleaning staff will need to work during a guest’s stay – they cannot wait until the guest has checked out. In this case, we suggest that you communicate with the guest in order to discern when they will be out of the apartment and would like the cleaning to be completed; try and fit the cleaning rota to the guest’s schedule. This will be more effective as cleaning will be unobstructed by the presence of the guest, making it easier, swifter and more efficient, as well as pleasing to the guest. If you were to input important details such as the guest’s schedule, the length of their stay, check-in and out dates into the Guestroom Genie app it can utilise its specifically tailored algorithm, factoring all these details in order to create the cleaning rota that is not only understandable and intuitive but the most economical solution.

Finally, another key element that separates a serviced apartment from a hotel is that there is usually no manned reception area. This means that the management of checking guests in must be considered. One option is to pre-arrange a check-in with the guest and meet them outside of the property. In this case you need to ensure communication between the management and guest is clear, that they have sufficient details such as the time and address of when to meet your representative, and make sure the member of staff meeting them knows that they are representing the business so must act professionally and considerately towards the guest during their check-in. Alternatively, you can organise with the guest a time for them to pick up the key from key box or safe. In this case, we suggest that you create a rota containing all the dates and times of which keys shall be returned and picked up, as well as a clear rota for when and where members of the management team need to meet guests to give them keys. This will save you time and money, avoiding miscommunication and confusion through organization and clarity.

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